Being a part of Wesley is about growing spiritually, academically, and socially.

Opportunities for Growth

Small-Group Studies

Wesley offers opportunities for friends to come together weekly to discuss Bearcat life and their faith.


R.C.I.D. is a weekly commitment shared by a group of students who choose to actively pursue spiritual growth through readings, quiet times, meditation, and prayer. Every month these students come together to share a meal and discuss their spiritual journey.


Challenge your Beliefs

Invite Others into the conversation


Academic Study Sessions

Students come together to study. We don’t have to do college alone. Creating a habit of studying together creates opportunities for students to support one another even in the midst of writing a paper.

Quick questions to think on

  • When this week have I sought out opportunities to spiritually grow?
  • When this week have I talked with others about faith?
  • Have I taken my academic studies seriously this week?

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